ex-NASA Engineer Creates Glitter Bomb For Porch Pirates

Ex-Nasa Engineer Mark Robber Creates A Glitter Bomb For Porch Pirates

Credit: Mark Rober

Recently the company Amazon has exploded in sales thanks to the Holidays. This means a lot of packages being delivered and left on the front doors of customers. Packages range from Diamond necklaces to laptop computers, to coffee refills.

A lot of the Amazon gifts being delivered are for children, which means a family can be devastated when a porch pirate robs them of their gift. Amazon leaves the package at the front door, which is extremely accessible to potential thieves.

This is where Mark Rober comes in. Mark Robber is an ex engineer for NASA. He might be one of the most gifted engineers of YouTube and of our time. He saw a problem, and with his Engineer brain, he figured out an awesome solution.

Mark wanted to develop a custom package so that when someone was to take it and open it, it would release an insane amount of glitter, and then a fart spray would go off every few seconds. All of this while recording 360 degrees to the cloud so that they could capture the footage of the thieves and their reactions.

I’m sure you’ve heard of glitter bomb packages before, as there are several available online for friendly pranks of co-workers, family members and friends. But this one is different. This one is created by Mark Rober, and it’s the most advanced glitter bomb we have ever seen.

The package is professionally made. The glitter part of the package is a rotary engine that spreads the glitter out 3-5 feet in a perfect radius. The package also contains four cell phones in a custom built box so that there is a 360 degree field of view.

Let’s not forget about the horrific fart spray. Normally, 1 spray of this stuff is enough to clear out an entire building. Mark rigged this up so that it sprays 3 times, waits 6 seconds, then spays again. It will do this until it runs out. This would clear an entire Wal-Mart sized building, and most of the robbers are opening this in their vehicle or a small room!

Enough reading about how awesome this is, just check out the video below of Marks custom invention of the glitter bomb / fart spray vs amazon package porch pirates!