Lion Almost Killed By 20 Hyenas Until Big Bro Shows Up

Once again the BBC delivers one of the most epic animal videos we have seen in a while.

Credit: BBC Earth

Meet Red, a young male Lion just entering adult hood and finally starting to roam the plains all by himself. He was doing fine until he comes up to a pack of 20+ hungry asshole hyenas.

The goal of the Hyenas is to tire out Red, because they know if he is fresh, he will kill a few of them before he gets taken down, and we all know none of the Hyenas are willing to die just to defeat one Lion. So the goal here is to circle him and bit him occasionally to wear him out.

This is exactly what happens to Red. He’s surrounded by these assholes who are trying to tire him out so they can kill him and then eat his remains. It’s not looking good for Red, as the Hyenas are executing their plan perfectly.

I’ve never seen so much fear in a Lions eyes before. Red knows he is most likely defeated, and this will be his last day on Earth. But, he’s not going out like a bitch. They (Hyenas) want to fight to the death, so will he (Red the Lion).

Just when you think it’s the end for Red, his big brother Tatu shows up! Tatu is an older male Lion that knows exactly how to handle the Hyenas. One look at Tatu and the Hyenas are off to the races trying to high tail it out of there!

This amazing video clip of a lion almost killed by 20 Hyenas until big bro shows up is brought to you by BBC Earth, narrated by David Atenborough.