The Metal Storm fires a blistering 1,000,000 rounds per minute

Meet the Metal Storm. This powerful gun system shoots a blistering 16,000 rounds per second, or 1,000,000 rounds per minute. It was developed by Metal Storm from Australia, a weapons company. In 2007, the US Navy purchased the rights to this weapons system for their battleships. 

The previous highest rate of fire from a weapon belonged to the M134 mini-gun developed in the 1960’s. The M134 could shoot 7.62mm rounds at about 6,000 rounds per minute, or 100 rounds per minute, which is 10x faster than an ordinary machine gun. The Metal Storm obliterates this record.

Metal Storm Limited was a research and development company based in Brisbane, Australia that specialized in electronically initiated superposed load weapons technology and owned the proprietary rights to the electronic ballistics technology invented by J. Mike O’Dwyer. The Metal Storm name applied to both the company and technology.

“Video footage of the Metal Storm in action, which is capable of shooting 16,000 rounds per second, or 1,000,000 rounds per minute”

Video Above: The Metal Storm weapons system showing it’s massive rate of fire. Each burst you hear unloads over 16,000 bullets in just 1 second.