Non-stick fying pans can make your penis smaller, study says

Some frying pans may have a negative effect on your sausage.

Recent studies show that chemicals in some frying pans and fast food wrappers can seriously limit the length of your meat.

The study took place in Italy and found that those who are exposed to perfluoroalkyl compunds, commonly known as PFC’s, had significantly smaller eggplants than those who were not.

PFC’s are chemicals commonly used as water and oil repellents in cookware and oil textiles.

According to the study, published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, adult males are more likely to accumulate the chemical in their body for an unknown reason, meaning the chemical could have a larger effect on them than another population.

Researchers examined 383 male high-school students, including 212 who had been exposed to PFCs, in northeast Italy, through June 2017 and May. They took participant’s blood to measure sexual hormones, examined semen samples, and yes, took several measurements on their growers, including length, circumference, testicular volume and anogenital distance (otherwise known as, ahem, the Ken Doll region).

And boy, do these chemicals have an effect on boys. Participants who weren’t exposed to PFCs had tallboys with an average length of 3.94 inches, compared to an average of 3.44 inches in those who had. Exposed men were also one-fifth of an inch less girthy.

Study authors call this a “substantial impact on human male health” — one which could even lead to issues with male fertility.