Parrot Trapped On Roof Keeps Telling Fire Crew To “F**k Off”

A Blue and Yellow McCaw named Jessie was trapped on a roof and kept telling the fire crew to “F**k Off” during an attempt to rescue the parrot.

Firefighters get to see all sorts of crazy stuff. They are usually the first ones to the scenes of car wrecks and other major accidents, including fires (duh) and strange scenarios like a bird stuck on a roof of a house.

But on the day this parrot got stuck on a roof, none of them were thinking what would unfold next, which was a parrot giving them a piece of her mind.

Credit: SWNS

Jessie the parrot was stuck on a roof of a house in Edmonton, London for 3 days. After not coming down to her owner, the fire department decided it was time to step in and help rescue the bird.

Unfortunately, when the fire department arrived to help Jessie, all they got was an earful of expletive language.

The crew chief of the fire department took her a bowl of fresh food and a towel the owner says she loved, to try and bring her down. Instead, all the bird did was yell “F**k Off” at the chief.

If you think about it, this is hilarious because the bird still has its wings and can fly just fine.

“I brought the bird her favorite food and her favorite towel she loves to cuddle with, and all she did was kept telling me to “F**k Off”

Credit: SWNS

The LFB Watch Manager Chris Swallow said, “Jessie had been on the roof for around 3 days. We thought she was injured and that’s why she wasn’t coming down. However, when we got up there we saw she was in perfect health. She didn’t want to come down, and all she did was yell at us and tell us to “F**k Off” and “Scram, Bitches”. We thought that was amusing and had a good laugh about it.”

Once Jessie was done yelling curse words at the firefighters, she simply flew to a tree, then to the roof of her owners house, then to her owner.

It sounds like Jessie had planned this all along. She just wanted to bitch and yell at the fire department. The Police Department should adopt this bird ASAP!