Special Underwear Shows The 4th Amendment In An X-Ray

With this special underwear you can show the 4th Amendment in an x-ray  to show how much you truly care about America and how much you hate the TSA.

These 4th Amendment garments are printed with a special metallic ink that only shows up during an xray.

The creator of this awesome clothing says it was done to mess with the TSA because he (the creator) was tired of being x-rayed and searched, feeling naked.

Credit: cargocollective.com

There is a version for both men and women. For women, the bra contains the special metalic ink covering each nipple, and then again on the front of the panties. For men, there is a tank top and also some undies that show the 4th amendment when x-rayed.This is what the creator has to say:

“The clothes are designed as a silent protest against the new reality of being searched to the point where we’re basically naked. We don’t intend for this to be anything more than a thought-provoking way to fuel the debate about safety vs. civil liberties. If we sell a few items, great. But the main intention is to open more dialogue. It’s more of a conceptual piece than anything else.”

Credit: cargocollective.com

There is even a special version that says, “Read the 4th Amendment, you perverts.”

Last time we checked, they were completely sold out.