Your Fire Pit Needs A Couple Of These Myard Fireproof Skulls

Want to be the coolest kid on the block this summer? Well, guess what, you can be. All you need is a few of these fireproof skulls in your fire pit.

So these Myard fire pit/fireplace skulls weigh about ten pounds, are approximately eight to nine inches long and about seven inches across. So pretty close to the same size as your head, as they should be considering what they are.

These skulls start looking better and better the more you use them. You can get your skulls in either black, white, brown or dark grey. They even have a “demon” skull” with horns and what not on them – so scary right?  The Myard skulls also come with a lifetime warranty, and that’s pretty badass. You can get these on Amazon here.

Myard Fireproof Skulls Featured

Myard Fireproof Skulls (1)

Myard Fireproof Skulls (3)

And of course, I saved the best part for last – these are made in the USA. Win.

 You can purchase these on Amazon here.